South Sacramento’s Florin Road Partnership launches the first district wide solar trash compactor system in the region.

By February 13, 2017News

Sacramento, CA / February 2017

Big Belly, Inc. the world leading Smart City Solutions Provider specializing in smart waste has partnered with one of Sacramento’s oldest Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) to maintain the cleanliness of the Florin Road Business Corridor. Created by property owners through a self-assessment in 1996, the Florin Road Partnership became a stable funding source to provide improvement and services to the properties within the Florin Road Business Corridor. Since then, the Florin Road Partnership has continued to grow in numerous ways from maintenance and landscaping improvements, to increased security and economic development. Under the guidance of Executive Director Corey DeRoo, who took the helm last July, more South Sacramento improvements are underway. “We are working on the relaunch of banners, public art installations, homeless navigation, and reconnecting with our business community,” says DeRoo. The Florin Road Partnership Board of Directors voted in favor of the installation of 30 Big Belly Solar Trash Compacting units within the district last summer. Barbara Etrick, Board President said, “I have already seen an improvement in cleanliness of the area and a boost in morale from the community.” Not only great for the environment, these solar trash compactors are smart, too. Loaded with impressive time-saving features such as GPS enabled locators, and daily digital notifications of service needs with a simple red/yellow/green light function which alerts the maintenance team for easy care of each unit. These solar trash compactors can recharge within hours and can operate for several days during inclement weather. DeRoo says, “We are the only district in Sacramento with Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors and hope others will follow suit. We are excited to have them in our district.”

Pictured (l-r): Regional Transit bus stop Big Belly Solar Compactor; Big Belly representative trains Florin Road PBID Maintenance employee Maria Madrigal on cleaning and maintenance.